Webber Naturals Resveratrol with Grape Seed Extract Caplet, 200/25mg


Resveratrol with Grape Seed Extract Caplet, 200/25mg

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Webber Naturals resveratrol is found naturally in a variety of plants such as red grapes and wine, peanuts and mulberries. Grape seed extract is known for being a universal antioxidant that protects the vascular system and may help treat conditions such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Resveratrol with grape seed extract provides the health benefits associated with red wine, in consistent potency, without consuming excessive amounts of wine each day. It may also support longevity when combined with calorie restriction and may help prevent or slow degenerative diseases associated with aging. This supplement contains Japanese knotweed extract (20 percent trans-resveratrol) and grape seed extract (standardized to 80 percent oligomeric proanthocyanidins). Japanese Knotweed contains high concentrations of trans-resveratrol, the active form of the compound. Includes 90 caplets per bottle.

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