Crookedpine Dry blueberry wine


Dry blueberry wine

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Country of origin Imported from Canada
Manufacturer Crooked Pine
Alcohol 12.0%
Net content 750 ml
Original juice content 100% blueberry
Storage method Avoid light, lay down
Type Fruity wine, dry
Warranty period 10 years
Taste characteristics: The dry blueberry wine is plum-purple red, with aromas of pomegranate, accompanied by the unique taste of fresh blueberries. The blueberry fruit has been fermented to stimulate the activity of its active ingredients, the taste is more attractive than ordinary blueberry fruit and blueberry juice, and anthocyanin, selenium, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients are more abundant and more easily absorbed by the human body; The content of cyanin is as high as 50 times that of apples and 30 times that of grapes; the super antioxidant capacity of blueberry pectin. The traditional fermentation method is used for brewing, and special stainless steel barrels are used instead of oak barrels commonly used in red wine, which not only avoids the influence of oak spills, but also protects nutrients. It is cooled and stabilized before bottling to prevent tartaric acid crystals from appearing. Food pairings: Serve with sweet and sour grilled chicken or grilled brie topped with pecans.

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