Webber Naturals Diabetex, Multivitamin, Tablet, 120 Count


Diabetex, Multivitamin, Tablet, 120 Count

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Webber Naturals Diabetex multi vitamin helps persons with pre diabetic symptoms or diabetes to Improve blood sugar control and reduce risk for complications. In many type 2 diabetes cases, can be controlled or even reversed by a long term commitment to good nutrition and lifestyle adjustment. A high-potency multiple vitamin and mineral formula is an absolute must for people with diabetes. Supplying the diabetic with additional key nutrients has been shown to improve blood sugar control as well as to help prevent or reduce the development of major complications of diabetes. It offers fundamental nutritional support and it compensates for missing nutrients needed to address health challenges related to blood sugar control. This formula also contains several plant based antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress associated with diabetes. Taking a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement has also been shown to enhance immune function and reduce infections in people with diabetes. If you are taking prescription medication, please consult a physician prior to use. Includes 120 capsules per pack.

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