ShanDaph – 100 un


ShanDaph – 100 un

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ShanDaph oysters are the only solar-powered oyster farm in the Maritimes. Enjoy these medium-sized, fleshy and tasty oysters.
ShanDaph Oysters was founded in May 1999, but its roots go back over thirty years. Over the decades, the native oyster seeds they produced in the 1960s and 1970s have grown into productive oyster beds. ShanDaphs are homemaded in grow units suspended in a water column, where they feed on the nutrient-rich waters of the ShanDaph Farm. By completing the process of suspended growth in the rich tidal waters of Big Island, ShanDaph ensures optimal growing conditions from the time they are set at less than a millimeter in size, until harvesting at over 76 millimeters in size. The total process takes between three and five years.

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