Herbatint 6N Dark Blonde Permanent Herbal Hair Colour Gel 135ml


6N Dark Blonde Permanent Herbal Hair Colour Gel 135ml

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HERBATINT Tint that thanks to the antioxidant properties of Aloe Vera, rich divitamine and minerals, protects and nourishes the hair coloring them and giving them unaprofonda shine and luster. Some of the shades are completamentemiscelabili, thereby allowing the achievement of any color desiderato.Per one or two applications. Easy to use, does not drip, does not smell. It contains no alcoole only 3% peroxide in the mixture-gel ready for application. Disponibilein 30 shades of color. Without ammonia, resorcinol, parabens. Product not tested on animals. How to use Apply to dry hair and unwashed. Mix in the bowl and the dye ilglicolio in equal parts. Apply with a brush the mixture obtained without combing icapelli starting from the roots to the tips. Leave on for 40 minutes. Warnings It can be applied on hair that has been previously treated with altrecolorazioni, but, in the first application, the color can be leggermenteinfluenzato pigments chemical product used previously. It is recommended diapplicare always a small amount of product in a strand of hair, primadi use. It is especially important to let the product posing suicapelli for the time recommended in the instructions. Choose a color for two or tretonalità lighter than the natural color. Components Active plant extracts: Aloe vera; Meadowfoam; Betula alba; Hamamelis virginiana; Echinacea angustifolia. Format Box of 135 ml containing 2 bottles of 60 ml (one of glicolio and one dye) + 1bustina of Royal Jelly Aloe Vera Restructuring 15 ml + 1 pair of gloves single use + insert instructions. Fully recyclable packaging.

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